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November 21, 2012



The Cohoons, originally the Clan Colquhoun of Scotland, appear under many names: Cahoone, Colhoun, Calhoun, Cowan, Cowen, etc. The Clan Colquhoun also includes the following: McClintocks, Kilpatricks, Kirkpatricks, Ingrams, and Laings of Scottish descent. They have migrated throughout the United States and Canada. Theirs is a fascinating history.
The current Chief of the Clan is Sir Malcolm Colquhoun, the 31st Chief of the Clan. He has been honoured by the portrait artist, Michael Shane Neal of Nashville, TN, who traveled to Rossdhu house (the ancient castle of the Clan family) to paint his portrait. It now hangs in Rossdhu Manor and this story has been featured in theNov/Dec 2012 issue of The Highlander, the magazine of Scottish Heritage.

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