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September 06, 2013



What about another option for the problem in Syria ? A Plan B, perhaps. A legal option ... charge Assad with war crimes and extricate him from Syria and hold him in The Hague until trial. There should be more than enough evidence, most of the countries of the world already agree to that.
But proving a war crime is not easy, as you will learn from Louise Arbour, who was an international legal expert and Human Rights Commissioner who pursued Milosevich in Serbia and put him on trial in 2002. Still it can be done, and with a lot of determination and perseverance, it would be a legal option that a country like the U.S. could pursue.
And it would be an effective reminder to President Obama and his supporters that, theoretically, HE could be charged with war crimes if he bombs Syria without the support of the United Nations.
Something to consider.


I am not the only one to draw parallels between this recent G20 meeting in St. Petersburg and the League of Nations which signed the (Treaty of Versailles) peace treaty to end World War One in 1919. Famous writer Margaret MacMillan already wrote a bestseller - "Paris 1919:Six Months That changed the World" about this event, and now she is coming out with her new book, "The War that Ended Peace: The Road to 1914". In a Globe and Mail article dated Sept. 7th, Globe Focus, she stated "... her very real worry that the tensions in Syria today echo conflicts in the Balkans a century ago ...".
President Obama, as much as I personally like him, needs to pay close attention to the voices of the people who are very nervous and uncomfortable with his plans to inflict punishment on Assad's regime.

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